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Allowing Spring

The awakening green of Spring.

How deep the slumber truly seemed, at times there were questions of any life at all.

But even as the great Earth rest, life persisted, as it does, as it always will.

There is a vitality in every one of us, in every cell on Earth, one that cannot be destroyed, only experienced.

There will come a time in your life where you will not want to experience the pain, and you may want to avoid it, drown it, try your best to move from it quickly. But it is in this long pause that lessons can be learned, growth and transformation can be attained. That is, only if we are present for it & choose to search for the meaning.

And so, we must choose the perception of all our experiences, whether we rush through Spring to get to Summer, then to Fall, then to Winter again. Or do we stay fully present with the experience and allow time to move more slowly?

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