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Our Roots

It’s amazing to think how our environment influences our epigenetics

. We truly are products of our environment.

If we can look back, we can see that we came from this earth, growing as nature evolved, learning the land as we learned of ourselves and our planetary co-inhabitants.

But as we grow away from the land, spending more time indoors and less time among the woods, I believe we lose some of the most beautiful parts of ourselves. The parts of us that are so innate, organic, and wise.

But if we step outside, even for just a minute, to bathe in the sounds, sights, and sensations, we can connect to these parts of us. We can let our souls receive what they crave and yearn for - to be recognize, listened to, and honored.

Connect with your roots and you connect with your soul.

You are alive.

You are here.

You are home. 🌎

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