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Morning Pages

It’s amazing what a quiet morning, with a pen and paper, can do for oneself.

I committed to a writing practice called “morning pages” a few months ago. Each morning, before doing anything else, I sit down, with pen and paper, and I write 3 pages, long-handed. I do this even in the mornings when I feel I have nothing to write.

These pages may allow for the unburdening of heavy thoughts or worries that weigh you down. They may leave you with clarity on certain subjects that have been rolling through your mind. They may provide the answers to difficult questions you’ve been searching for. They may help you to see a pattern or a coincidence you hadn’t yet noticed. They may allow you to share the gratitude you’ve been feeling, or they may allow you to share the sorrow you've been carrying. They may allow for inspiration and creativity. They may allow for guidance in your next step in life. They may allow for some silly thoughts to break free, a whole lot of *blah, blah, blah* or perhaps the writing of a little to-do list instead. Whatever the pages may bring, embrace it. Know that it’s creating space within your head and a chance for the heart to speak.

Though the process feels like an activity for the brain, I assure you, it’s not. When you sit with a pen to paper, with no particular goal in mind (other than writing for 3 complete pages), the pondering and ever-busy mind is given a chance to empty itself from all thoughts, and once it does, the quietness that pursues allows for the heart to emerge. The soul is given a platform for its voice. Your inner light is given freedom and time to speak. So, whether it‘s an amazing message hiding away in your soul, or its mindless chatter in your head, set it free with morning pages. Gift yourself clarity and creativity.

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