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Your Days "On"

There’s an idea that on your days off, you should live as if you already have your dream life, and then you’ll manifest it. 

While I love enjoying my days off to the fullest, I don’t think it’s a good idea to save your dreams for only your free time. 

Not only will it make you sad and depressed to not do the things you love most days, but you’ll end up more tired, making it difficult to enjoy your days off since you’ll need to restore yourself from the depletion that occurs from a dull, uninspiring week. Doing what inspires us fills our cup; it brings energy and excitement to our lives. And so it’s crucial to make time for what we love to sustain ourselves and make it possible to lay the groundwork for our next goal or life change. 

So, if you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to make your dream life a reality, know that it doesn’t require extended time off but just small moments seized and taken advantage of. 

If your day-to-day living is leaving you dis-inspired and burnt out, you may need a break, but it is also possible that you only need to incorporate more of what you love. If you feel there is little time in your day to allow for what inspires you, consider letting go of some responsibilities. Or wake up earlier to do something you enjoy, like walking, dancing, exercising, reading, journaling, meditating, crafting, visiting a coffee shop, or whatever interests you. 

You have to make your dreams happen despite everything else going on. 

This is where daydreaming takes physical form, getting in touch with reality and bringing true magic to our days. This is the keeping of our feet on the ground while letting our imagination live in the sky, in touch with the divine and our higher self that has a greater vision than the day-to-day. But don’t forsake your daily living because this is what sustains and provides for us, taking care of our needs while we foster our more extraordinary dreams. 

So, enjoy your days off, but don’t forget to enjoy and make the most of your days “on” as well.

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