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You are the cheapskate, not god.

More often than not, we belittle our wants and desires, thinking, who am I to believe I deserve that? Or, worse, we shrug off totally reasonable things because we think we could never afford them, or perhaps we believe we are unworthy to have such a thing.

But we fail to remember that we live in an infinite and abundant universe. One where quite anything is possible! After all, god is no cheapskate; god did not skimp out on creating the unique, complex, intricate world that we live in. And god sure did not skimp out on creating you. You were designed to have individual passions and desires that you followed. It was never intended for you to feel guilty for having big dreams. The guilt or unworthiness that may arise when asking for what you want is not innate. Those feelings were instilled in you by external conditioning. Your interests and desires are indeed good and meant to be listened to. Your desires are joyous little clues intended to teach you more about yourself on a deeper level. They bring you closer to the universe and your purpose.

So, don't cheat yourself out of what it is you love or would love to have. Begin to believe that you live in a lavish universe, and you will soon attract more lavish things.

Whatever you would love to do is what you were meant to do.

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