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You are so brave.

You are so brave.

Look at you, getting up each morning, facing the day.

It's not easy when you feel you're searching for the right answer. It's not easy when you feel your mind is full of uncertainties. It's not easy when you feel alone, or no one understands you. It's not easy when what you're doing does not feel right for you or when life doesn't feel inspiring or energizing. It's not easy to put on a brave face when you're tired.

We will always have uncertainties and challenges to face. But when the tough times seem depressing, remind yourself of your excellent track record. Think back to all of the difficult times you have been through. Have you made it out of each of them? Yes, 100%, you have.

We all get caught in a rut or dragged down by something or another. And as clique as it may sound, we only have two choices, work with what we've got or sit and wallow in self-pity.

Choosing self-pity can feel good at first. You may get the attention or empathy you crave, but it does not get you out of the situation. But working with what you have will get you closer to where you want to be. And this is not an easy task. It takes work. It takes discipline. It takes courage to turn off all of the doubts in your mind. It takes conviction to make something different for yourself. It requires you to be conscious of the little voice in your mind that reminds you that you're sad, upset, angry, worried, or depressed. And it requires patience and kindness to answer these fear-driven feelings with,

"I know you're sad, and that's why we're working towards X."

"I know you're upset, and that's why I am focusing on something different, something within my control."

"I know you're angry, and that is why I am making things right for us by moving forward."

"I know you're worried, and that's why I am putting my energy towards creating what I do want rather than focusing on what I don't want."

"I know you're depressed, and that is why I am sitting with you, listening, learning from my wounds."

So give yourself these gentle reminders to get out of your head. It is not where the answers lie. The answers come from within your heart. The answers come at the right time when you are ready. The answers come in subtle hints and whispers when we pause and listen to the universe. The answers come when we stop searching and saying, "I don't know," and allow things to come to us with ease.

And so, how brave are you to face this life with all you have? To choose empowerment over self-pity. To choose bravery in the face of uncertainty. To choose trust, hope, love, and surrender.

You are so brave.

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