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You Are Everything!

You are everything!

There is not a single trait that you do not own.

When you look at someone you admire, identify the things you most like about them. Is it kindness, bravery, enthusiasm, or intelligence?

Whatever it is you are picking up on, it is because those are qualities that you are not letting yourself see within you.

You are also kind, brave, enthusiastic, and intelligent, but just in your own way. So this may look differently on you than on another person. But challenge yourself to look for where you contain the same qualities that you so admire within others.

Equally so, when you are triggered or annoyed by another person, look for the characteristics you most despise. Is it because they are rude, inconsiderate, unkind, or boisterous? Identify the things about that person that most irritate you, and now ask yourself where you display these same characteristics in your own life. Perhaps you are not rude or inconsiderate in the same way or to the same people as the person you dislike, but there are likely other instances where you have demonstrated these same characteristics, just in a different form or setting.

The people we meet and interact with are holding mirrors up to our own selves. Our reactions to these people are coming from within, and they can be an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, the parts we like, and the parts we may dislike. But no matter what, we are all a little bit of everything. No one can be all bad or all good. And all parts of ourselves deserve love and awareness - doing so can set us free.

Photo by Tasha Kamrowski on Pexels

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