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Doing Nothing

I always thought that doing nothing was bad. It meant I was lazy. Or that I was boring and couldn't find anything better to do. Not to mention, doing nothing can also give space to overthinking.

I still struggle with allowing downtime on my days off. Often, it triggers guilt, reminding me that I have tied my worth to productivity. It also can bring feelings of discomfort as it reminds me of things I should have accomplished or completed by now.

However, rest can be productive. It can be an act of rebellion against our current capitalist society, which asks us to do more, be more, produce more, and earn more.

Rest is a luxury. It could be an indulgence that our mind and body would benefit from.

What hesitancies come to mind when you think of doing nothing or allowing yourself rest time? Do you feel guilty or ashamed? Why? What beliefs might you hold from societal, authoritarian, parental, or peer conditioning? What judgments do you have against people who do rest or allow time to do nothing?

Schedule a time this week to do nothing and see what comes up. Or, the next time you have a day that is not quantifiably productive, allow yourself some grace. Perhaps your body knew what your mind did not, realizing some rest was overdue.

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