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Finding Meaning in Mother Earth

Happy belated Earth Day! (But if we celebrate Earth each day, can we call every day Earth Day? In that case, Happy Earth Day today!) 

You have been given this life as a gift, and it is your responsibility to find purpose and meaning in it. 

It is an undeniable fact that we were born from this Earth. 

We grew from the organic matter and elements of the Earth, taken in by our mother's body and turned into nutrition and fuel that sustained us while in her womb. 

Humans are the result of the slow evolution of energy and consciousness within species. We developed from single-cell to multi-cell to symbiotic relationships that led to plants and complex animal life. 

We have evolved with Mother Earth and her changing landscapes. And though she has changed, she has always provided for the life around her. This is evident in the life found throughout the world, from the polar tundras to the deep ocean abyss. Even humans have found ways to live off the Earth in extreme climates. 

Like our own mothers, Mother Earth offers teachings, lessons, and guidance. She provides the love and comfort we all require. 

By simply immersing ourselves in the outdoors, we can find the reassurance we need to put our busy lives into perspective and rediscover our innate connection with her.

We are not separate from this Earth but a part of her. We are her children, and as we grow, we must care for her with attention, love, and time, just as we would care for our mother. 

We are the Universe embodied, in perfect design, made manifest in our beautiful earthly bodies. 

So, you can live your days as if nothing is meaningful or memorable. Or you can fill your life with gratitude for the gifts you've received. Allow yourself to marvel at the intricate beauty in all living things, the complexity of our bodies that hold home to our even more profound souls, all thanks to our home and provider, Mother Earth. 

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