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You are cared for.

The universe is always at work, sustaining us in an unimaginable number of ways. And you are the constant beneficiary of its generosity.

Humans require air to breathe, food to live, and shelter to protect us. Thankfully, the universe provides these things for us ~ the earth produces the oxygen, food, and raw materials we need to survive.

In so many little ways, the universe is constantly supporting us.

But can you also see how it’s caring for us in bigger ways too? Each day that contained new opportunities, experiences, and challenges was given to you for a reason.

Your worries may help you to feel in control of the world, but really they are just creating a dark cloud that blocks you from the source of the universe, making it difficult for you to see how great the world truly is and how cared for you truly are.

Surrender your worries, and let the Universe take over. After all, it’s been caring for you since the moment you were born, and it hasn’t let you down yet.

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