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Worry. What is it good for?

Worry is like a war within our minds. In war, there are power struggles, conflicting dynamics, and this overarching sense that one side can hold control of the other, and with war comes great suffering.

Well, in our minds, worry is undoubtedly a form of self-torture. We use it because we believe it helps us control our world. We use it because we think we are separate from the Universe.

But if only we understood that we are a part of the Universe. We are. And within the Universe lies great plans that are constantly unfolding and developing, encouraging us to expand and explore ourselves and our world. And when we release our worry and desire for controlling outcomes, we can drop into the fantastic ride the Universe has to offer.

So, how can we eliminate worry and trust the Universe? It’s tough, especially for anxious skeptics. But taping into gratitude can help.

Gratitude can provide a path to connect with the Universe. When you see all the good within the world, that everything was designed to support you - either through direct support or challenges designed to encourage your growth - you can feel the connection and realize that you are inextricably linked to a Universe that loves you.

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