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"Who am I without this thought?"

Has something been weighing you down or stuck in your mind?

Perhaps you're fixated on a problem in your life, like worrying about finances, wondering what your next career move will be, stressing about a future event, or overthinking what you should be doing with your life.

Whatever it is, when the thought pulls us out of the present moment and creates dis-ease within us, we are missing out on reality.

The next time you are caught up in a troublesome thought, ask yourself, "Who am I without this thought?"

Who are you without the worry of finances?

Who are you without the stress of disliking your current job?

Who are you without excessive worry about the future?

Who are you when you let these troublesome thoughts go?

Now, take a moment to ask yourself and see what comes up.

You will begin to remember your innate, easy-going self. You may feel lighter or more clear-headed. This does not change your circumstances, but it reminds you that your thoughts are not your actual reality. There is suffering to find and feel at this moment, but there is also joy and happiness. When you limit yourself to only feeling bad, your reality can seem grey and dark rather than the full spectrum of colors it truly is.

So, who are you without your troubled thoughts? I'll give you a hint - You are pure love and joy. You are amazing. You are everything you could ever need. You are all that is right with the Universe. You are important. You are loved. You are essential. You are you in all your unique glory.

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