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Where the Magic Happens

There is a balance in life, and it will always be there.

When we act pompous or greedy, universal karma comes to swing us back into alignment with a dose of humility or scarcity, or whatever balance we are in need of. For many, they spend their lives swinging from high to low, riding their emotional waves without any sense of control. However, we can choose which emotions we entertain, and if we are taken for a ride, we can choose how long we wish to engage in the feeling.

But, if we can take it one step further, and seek for balance in our lives, we can achieve some pretty amazing, grounded, abundant, and peaceful states. Let me explain - If we set an impossible goal to always be happy and to live a perfect life, we will only swing further & harder into the opposite, in this case sadness, when we are faced with an unhappy situation. But if we aim for love, peace, joy, & gratitude, we are right in the center of balance. When we seek to attain these states of being, these holistic states of balance, we are at our center point, and we cannot easily be pushed from it. This means less swinging from highs to lows, less emotional roller coasters when things don’t go as planned. In a way, it means greater resiliency. It means being in alignment with our authentic selves, our inner light, and the universe.

This is where the magic happens.

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