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When life feels stressful

When life starts to feel stressed or forced, step back for a moment. Ask yourself, is this pressure necessary? Or am I just creating more stress for myself?

Look back to a few months ago, can you remember the small details of what you were stressing about? Likely not, and those things that you worried and fretted about, they’ve most likely worked out.

It’s funny how much can come to us, how much can bloom, when we allow our grip on life to loosen. Life was meant to be held lightly, not strangled. Let go, allow things to just be, allow things to flow.

Give yourself a moment to be here, to be thankful and grateful for all that you’ve received in life so far, and for all of the blessings that have yet to unfold. Releasing your fears creates greater space for faith & excitement.

It will all work out, especially when what we desire is in alignment with our inner truth.

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