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What if...

What if when an idea or goal came to me, I ran with my excitement? And when troubled thoughts arose, I gave them time and space but not my energy.

Imagine what I could accomplish if I heard my thoughts but chose not to listen to all of them, especially the limiting beliefs that say I can't do this or I shouldn't do that. And even when the momentum ran out and my motivation dwindled, I could easily reconnect with my ideas and goals because they are genuine and honest reflections of my soul's desires.

What if I could rekindle and sustain my drive, pushing forward despite the obstacles, despite the mental chatter, because my goals and ideas arose from an aligned purpose and not external fantasies or groundless wishes? What would it mean to be entirely true to myself and follow my wildest dreams, no matter what my inner critic or this judgemental world says?

Imagine where I could go and what I could accomplish.

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