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Tyrrhenian Sea

Standing. Feet planted.

Painful steps as I place my feet on the seafloor.

Wave after gentle wave, crashing towards shore.

My whole body rocks. Back and forth, back and forth, with the tide.

I fight it.

The water chills my skin, red and warm. Back and forth, my feet stumble as I struggle to keep balance, my torso just above the water.

Instead of fighting, I surrender.

Slowly falling in, my legs give out.

I glide my body forward, arms first, into the water.

A chill is anticipated but does not arrive.

The heat from my body meets the sun's warmth just below the water's surface.

I become weightless. No pain from stumbling across the rocky floor.

My body flows and moves freely in the water.

I float with the tide, ebbing and flowing.

Back and forth, back and forth.


Surrender, and life becomes easy.

Loosen your grip, lighten your stance, and life becomes easy.

Dive into the flow of life's natural rhythm. Feel the tides and allow them to move you.

Back and forth, back and forth.

Though I surrender, I have not lost my way. In fact, I have found it. Aligned with the gentle movement of the universe.

Ebbing and flowing beautifully.

Swim, play, dance, smile, laugh. Find joy in this release; find the freedom to breathe as you release your constraints.

I widen my gaze, appreciating the sun on my skin.

The sensations of my body as it so beautifully intertwines with the magic of the natural world around me.

The divine spirit manifests as physicality not just in this moment but in all moments.

I dance and play with the universe as a cocreator of my life, moving as gently as the waves along a peaceful, rocky shore.

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