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To Live Small

I want to live small. I want to live within my means. I wish to reside in a perfectly sized home for myself and my family, no bigger than necessary. I want to invest in my present while saving for my future, spending responsibly, and investing appropriately. I want to live for experiences and not to collect objects. I want to pursue an extraordinary life dedicated to personal growth, expanding my heart and mind, learning from others, and sharing my truths. I want to be a minimalist and focus on what is essential. I do not want to be weighed down or drowned by my belongings but instead, have a few quality versatile things. I want to minimize my waste and impact on this beautiful planet. I want to conserve resources and energy, taking only what I need and nothing more. I want to live lightly on this earth to align myself with nature and its infinite wisdom. I want to exist in open, uncluttered spaces so that I can cultivate an uncluttered mind, open to receiving the nonphysical blessings the universe has to offer. I want to live small so that I may live a large and full life.

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