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The controlling mind and the freeing heart space.

The mind loves to be in control. This can be helpful when critical thinking is necessary, but we aren’t needing to stay in “fight or flight” mode all the time. If we live with a busy mind, particularly one that focuses on our fears, it can get in the way of our health. Harmful thought patterns of the mind can create dis-eases within the body. But our bodies are incredibly intuitive and can heal themselves if we allow the process to occur.

So, to change from living within your head to living within your body, give yourself a few minutes, a couple of times a day, to breathe. Breathe deeply with your eyes closed, notice the focus you have directed toward your head, and slowly transition it to your chest. Don’t force it to transition, simply sit with it, breathing deeply until your focus naturally draws to the chest and into your heart space. Feel your rib cage expand, begin to notice the weight of your arms and legs. Breathe until your focus is on your body and your mind feels calm.

And if you are unable to calm the mind, then simply sit with it, breathing space into the mind, giving yourself distance from your thoughts and emotions. This is just the start.

It is both incredibly simple and difficult to sit quietly, especially if your mind has had such a stronghold. Remember, the mind wants control, but this is not where the answers lie, this is not where your life is meant to be lived.

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