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The Beauty of Showing Up

In this day and age of abundant social media and internet scrolling, it is easy to become distant from genuine interactions and relationships. But taking the time to show up and be present is the most amazing thing one can do. You have probably heard the phrase "time is the most precious gift." It truly is, as it is one of the only things we cannot get back or make more of.

So, this morning, ask yourself, are you happy with your social life? Are you satisfied with your relationships with coworkers, old friends, neighbors, parents, siblings, grandparents, and cousins? You cannot stay close with everyone you meet in life; there will be individuals that simply pass through. There will also be people that you may outgrow, but there will always be new friends to meet. The world is full of inspiring, unique people (yourself included), and our interactions with one another can be a work of art, adding rich color and inspiration to our lives, reminding us of the love that exists within everything.

If you're on the fence about how to spend your time this week or weekend, can you challenge yourself to get out there, show up, and make a little time for the relationships in your life?

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