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Thanking Your Challenges

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

May is National Arthritis Awareness Month. 💪🏽

I’ve had Rheumatoid Arthritis for most of my life, and for a long time, I tried to hide this from others. When my RA would flare, it was easier to hide it than it was to explain it to others... since the pain wasn’t always visible, but on the inside it was real.

I learned to stay away from high impact sports and exercising, and not to over exert myself, so that I wouldn’t be in pain the next day. I use to think of myself as lazy for this, but really I was listening to my body. I was doing what was exactly right for it. However, I thought less of myself because of an external opinion of “how I should be” keep me from recognizing that I know exactly what my body wanted. It’s amazing what we can learn about ourselves when we quiet the opinions of others in our minds.

Everyone in life has struggles, difficulties, and setbacks, and if we only focus on the negatives of these challenges, we’ll fail to see the positives they also bring - including what lessons & opportunities that can follow.

My arthritis has led me towards a path of health and healing. It taught me that we may not always have control of our health, but we always have control of our wellness & the choices we make to care for ourselves. And now, I’m practicing an even deeper level of self transformation and healing than ever before. I’m recognizing limiting beliefs and my inner shadows & transforming them into beautiful gifts of light and love.

Thank you, RA for the path you’ve lead me on in returning to myself & my inner alignment.

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