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Veggie Hash

Looking for an easy way to add more veggies to your breakfast? 😋

I’m no chef, but this is my easy vegan, elimination diet friendly Veggie Hash! I love finding simple ways to get more veggies in my diet, and I also dislike complicated recipes and measuring cups.. so this is my simplified, 6 ingredient (+ 2 spices) breakfast creation. Feel free to play around with it. It can pair well with eggs, toast, or as a main dish (typically how I have it, as it’s surprisingly filling). It makes several servings, so it’s a great meal prepping option as well.

Here ya go!


Veggie Hash:


- 1-2 sweet potatos, peeled & chopped

- 1 red onion, chopped

- 1-2 zucchini’s, chopped

- *1-2 cup baby carrots, chopped

- *1 TBS minced garlic

- *1 tsp tarragon leaf

- *1 tsp dill weed

- salt and pepper

- *2 tbs olive or avocado oil

*The measurements are estimates (again, not a fan of measuring lol) so feel free to add more or less.


Put onion, minced garlic, sweet potato, and oil into a large skillet, cook at medium heat for 5-8 minutes.

Sprinkle in tarragon leaf, dill weed, salt and pepper

Add a small amount of water, enough to cover the bottom of the skillet (excess can easily be drained later), and add in carrots. Cover and steam for 2 minutes.

Then add the zucchini and steam for additional 6-8 minutes.

Check for consistency, should be soft but not mushy when done.

~Serve up (or put away for future use) & Enjoy!~

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