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Thank you, brain

Journaling. A therapeutic release for my brain.

Oh, how I love you, my brain, for keeping me alive. Allowing me to function, move, and operate in so many ways. Without you, I would not breathe nor have a heart that beats. You do so much in the background without even any input from my consciousness. No wonder you are always going, even when I try to relax.

You have helped me to learn and understand the world around me, and you have helped me form a context in which I can operate. You have taught me how to reach for safety and learn from critical events and interactions with others.

Your highest value is safety. Safety, comfort, and pleasure without pain. This is what you are constantly seeking. But please know that we can never find just one side of life. There will always come times of pain and hurt, but this is not who we are. Nor are we our goals and achievements, or just our happy, good days.

We are merely a vessel, a container filled with every characteristic and quality known to man. We have within us everything, all at once. We have a perfect balance, and we can begin to recognize this balance when we learn to stay within ourselves rather than be swept by the emotions that flood our brains and constantly seek to distract and steal our attention.

Outside, looking in at you, my brain, I see a constantly changing weather forecast. But I can find and learn so much more if I keep my awareness on the outside and merely look in without falling in and becoming wrapped up in all my emotions and worries.

Brain, you are particularly vocal when I want to make great leaps that may come with risks or possible losses. You come up with all the possible fears and worst-case scenarios you can imagine to prevent me from taking the risk and taking a step outside of my comfort zone. But I have learned that you are only doing this out of fear and concern because, ultimately, you love and want to protect me. Because, brain, you are afraid of the unknowns and what might cost you in terms of comfort and safety.

But magic does not happen in the comfort zone. It happens when we take leaps of faith, following our hearts into the unknown.

So, thank you, brain, for everything you process and compute on a never-ending basis. I appreciate you, and I love you. I am here to tell you that I have your back. But I am also here to share that I will be taking risks, stepping outside of my comfort zone, and doing so much more than what you deam to be safe because there comes a time when safe becomes boring.

If we become too comfortable in our routines, we may lose our spark or energy. We need a little uncertainty to push ourselves into growth, reconnect with the excitement life has to offer, rekindle our inspiration, and follow what we love.

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