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Taking Up Space

Have you ever noticed the space you take up within a room? Your energy goes beyond your physical body, but often we do not realize this.

I notice my expansiveness when I am alone, in a room to myself, meditating. But not the type of meditation where I focus on keeping my mind quiet and devoid of thoughts. The kind of meditation where I envision roots growing from my feet into the earth's core, tapping into the energy of the world, and then allowing this energy to fill me, traveling up into my body and out the top of my head. From the crown of my head, I can feel my connection with the universe. This state of being is when I feel most expansive. When I remember and recognize the relationship I have with the earth and the universe. This is when I remember that I am the universe experiencing itself. I contain great power, energy, and force within me equal to that of the universe; my being goes beyond my physical body. My soul is greater than the container I was placed into to experience this life.

It is a beautiful feeling to experience this expansiveness. But unfortunately, and fortunately, I am not a monk who has dedicated my life to meditation, and much of my experience in this world is outside of this vibrational realm. And so, before ending this meditation, I return to my physical body. I honor the sensations, the tension, pressure, pain, pleasure, and the emotion it feels. And I thank it for holding and supporting me. And when I come back to reality, I can remember that there is more to myself, and to others, than what meets the eye. It places many problems and fears I may have had into a better perspective.

Give yourself the freedom to explore yourself, both your soul self and your physical self. Acknowledge and honor the space you take up. Own it, celebrate it, because you belong.

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