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Taking the Leap

Part of me feels comfortable where I am, yet another part feels unrest, ready to grow, shift, and expand.

One foot in, one foot out.

Afraid to make the jump, afraid to trust the Universe, afraid to trust me. Yet not ignorant of my emotions and body that speak to me, asking me to listen and take the next step forward.

Worry holds me back.

So, I ask myself, what if I fail?

But how does failure serve me?

Well, what if I lose myself?

How does expanding/shifting/outgrowing this current version of myself allow me to find my most authentic self?

What might I lose if I make this leap?

But what do you stand to gain?

How do I know that I can trust the Universe?

Has it failed you yet?

Even your most significant setbacks have also served you in some way. Once we recognize that nothing is bad or good, but rather both all at once, in a perfect balance, we can see everything for what it is. Everything that happens to us contains challenges and supports, positives and negatives, advantages and drawbacks. Failure may lead to setbacks, but it also leads to new growth and lessons. Can you see that the Universe has always held you in balance, providing both challenge and support to keep you growing and learning so that you can develop into your most authentic self?

And so, even if I fail, won't I have still learned and grown along the way? Even if I put all of my life and energy into something and it didn't turn out exactly as planned, won't I still have lived my life fully and authentically because I believed in myself? Even if I make mistakes or have setbacks along the way, it will still have been a part of the process since everything is on the way and not in the way.

So, what might I miss out on if I hold myself back?

Lessons, challenges, growth, expansion, success?

What might I gain if I hold myself back?

Perhaps safety and comfort, but maybe also emotional unrest, sadness, and dis-ease.

If I decide to jump, take the next step, or make a leap of faith, what do I truly have to lose, especially knowing that I cannot fail?

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