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"Faith allows you to trust the direction without needing to understand it."

I've mentioned it before: I like to overthink. I tend to weigh my options and debate my choices until I find the near-perfect solution. But as I have also mentioned before, this can get exhausting. It splits our physical energy in two.

But when we surrender to the fact that we cannot possibly know the outcome in every situation (i.e., predict the future), we can live more peacefully, remembering that everything will work out the way it was supposed to be. We can quit spending hours debating our choices and take the next best step as we see it now. Tomorrow, we may realize it's not the direction we wish to go, but we could only have known that by starting on the path in the first place. So, give yourself some grace because no past decision was wrong; it was simply a step along the way, providing you with new experiences and knowledge.

Surrender to whatever comes your way, and you can ride the waves of life, enjoying the journey rather than fighting the current, wishing to control it. With surrender comes love, gratitude, expansiveness, and mindfulness.

Are there any areas in your life wishing for you to surrender? To step into faith and allow the universe to take care of the rest so that you might enjoy the present moment more?

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