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Standing In Your Way

You are the only thing standing in your way.

The barriers you’re facing, the roadblocks in your way - they aren’t what’s truly stopping you.

Sure, they may set you back or challenge you in ways you weren’t prepared for, but they aren’t what’s physically stopping you.

You are. You are the only thing stopping you. You are the only thing that’s getting in your way.

And that’s both a wonderful and terrifying fact to recognize and understand. Knowing that your destiny, your life, rests solely in your hands can feel daunting.

If you dream of something, you can achieve it only if you step out of your own way.

Each obstacle can be seen as an opportunity for healthy growth and challenge or, conversely, a chance to play the victim. And sometimes, this serves us; it may keep us safe; it may nurture a wound we have been holding within us, not yet ready to face. But ultimately, it is up to us to meet our deepest fears and the limiting beliefs that hold us back.

Once you do, nothing can stop you.

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