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Reconnect and Commit

"Life is best spent focusing on your goal and dancing through all other distractions."

Obligations, responsibilities, timing conflicts, you name it. Just about anything can become a distraction in our day-to-day lives, preventing us from spending time on what might be most important to us. There are also a million little distractions right at our fingertips at any given moment - news apps, streaming platforms, social media sites - begging to steal your attention. Add all these distractions together, and before you know it, a day, a week, a month, a year has gone by, and you're still waiting or putting off that goal or dream, big or small.

When I have spent a week focusing only on obligations or tasks I "should" do rather than "want" to do, I begin to feel an edginess, something stemming from annoyance or frustration. For some, this might be called "burnout." And it's not always that you're doing too much (though it definitely can be), but rather you're not doing enough of what you genuinely love or wish to do. The edginess or frustration that arises when you've been doing a lot of stuff that's not necessarily in complete alignment with who you are is your soul's way of reminding you to refocus and reconnect with what you truly love. For me, the feeling is my reminder that I am not connected to all parts of me, particularly the parts that I wish to continue learning about, growing, and expanding upon. It's the part of me that knows I must continue changing to follow my life's purpose and passion. That edginess is my reminder to make time for what I love, to sit down and re-evaluate, and to designate time for what I most love, even if those things look silly to others.

Can you be brave enough to let go of the things that steal your energy and no longer serve you if you know this must be done? If you feel you still have time and energy to give, can you be disciplined enough to carve out time for that which you love? Can you breathe life into what you've previously stuffed away as only a fantasy or a dream?

Let yourself first reconnect to your life's loves. If you aren't sure, start with whatever sounds fun. Then, commit to yourself and let go of the rest. Learn to dance through the other distractions that come your way.

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