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Push & Pull

Push and pull.

Tension and relaxation.

The two forces, the two sides of life, when in perfect balance, create aligned progress.

Too much tension, and you find unbearable pain.

Too much relaxation, and you won't find progress.

I found myself breathing into a yogic stretch, and it had been a while since I sat in practice, but as I did, I felt the muscles in my legs activate to hold me in my pose. At the same time, my muscles were pulled into a lengthening stretch. There was pain, but there was also pleasure. Tension and relaxation, push and pull.

Inhale, exhale.

Give, take.

Hard, soft.

Day, night.

Earth, air.

Water, fire.

Spring, Autumn.

Light, dark.

Feminine, masculine.

Yin, yang.

One quality without the other creates an imbalance. Too much of one or too little of another causes dysregulation. But when we embody the two, we become everything and nothing all at once.

Feel inside you. Where do you notice your hard qualities, your masculine side, your tangible self? Where do you see your soft qualities, your feminine side, your creative self? Do you allow both to exist? Does one side overpower the other? Can you give space for all parts of you, allowing for balance?

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