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On a quiet morning...

On a quiet morning in my bed, I feel the sun peak through the shades. The air is still; peaceful. I haven't yet thought of my day ahead. Instead of jumping away from this moment mentally, I sit with my body. Small thoughts tap at my brain, asking for my attention; things like expectations, concerns for others, and my to-do list all seek to steal my focus. But I know this is just mental chatter. The real world is much more physical and tangible, less black and white than the judgemental mind that does its best to place labels on things - good or bad, yes or no.

My body and my life are here; right now.

I stretch and wiggle my toes; I feel the soft sheets against my skin; I bring my arms above my head, testing gravity against my muscle's strength.

This day is mine; I get to choose what comes next. Even if I have certain things on the calendar or various obligations, I can choose how I show up. Present in my physical form, or distracted mentally and not entirely here? Well, today, I choose to be fully grounded. I choose to accept the joy and love this day has to offer. I choose to notice and appreciate all of the pleasurable sensations waiting to be recognized by my attention. The feeling of my physical body touching the things around me, the sight of the beautiful morning air as light dances around it, the sensation of my breath moving through my nose. The world around me, the life I have been given, is a beautiful, wonderful, splendid gift. And so, today, I chose to enJoy it.

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