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There is magic in releasing, surrendering, and allowing what will be to be. And there is also power in working towards your goals and desires. Focus, excitement for what you love, and commitment to the process and journey are some ingredients required to achieve your goals. But when we become too attached to the outcome or the final destination, we may close ourselves off from the mystical ways of the universe. We cannot know what is in store for our futures, and sometimes, life changes will require diversions in our paths or even alterations to our final goals. We can create needless suffering when we become too attached to an outcome, just like we can cause suffering if we become too attached to anything in life. The only constant in life is change; surrendering to this fact can open up countless possibilities. We can welcome change openly into our hearts while still knowing that holding goals and desires, visions and missions, is not only our birthright but also essential to our being.

So, how can you continue focusing on your desires without attachment to the outcome? It is okay to want and desire and envision what these outcomes might look like, but when you say you need something or have to have a particular result, where is that need coming from? What do you believe you are lacking in life? What fantasy vision might you be playing in your mind that makes you believe this is the only suitable outcome? Would you be okay if it didn’t happen? What if there was something even better in store for you?

Non-attachment to an outcome keeps us in line with whatever the universe has in store. Gratitude can help us keep an open mind to whatever comes our way.

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