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Never Stuck

Are you genuinely stuck? Or do you not wish to take the next step?

Be brave. Ask yourself what is holding you back. Chances are, you know what you need to do but may not want to take the next step. This may be because you have yet to know what this next step looks like entirely, or you're afraid of the unknown that may follow. But the mind prefers the known or familiar misery to an unknown possibility. It keeps us in our comfort zone, but not without costs.

Staying in a space - professionally, personally, mentally, or emotionally - not meant for you can slowly drain you, costing you your energy, time, hope, inspiration, and sanity.

And though it may feel like "stuckness" on the surface, ask yourself what is the deeper reason you are holding yourself back. Is it fear of gaining or losing something with the change? Is it limiting beliefs of what you're capable of or what you think you do or don't deserve? Is it fear of losing parts of your familiar identity, moving into a different version of yourself, and letting go of others' expectations and judgments of yourself?

Move past the surface and look for the deeper reason you are holding yourself back. No matter the quantity or magnitude of the perceived challenges that may be in store, the pain of staying where we don't belong will always be greater than the discomfort of exploring new possibilities. The truth is we are never truly stuck.

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