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My Fuel

What fuels me? What stokes the fire to my inner flame?

Sharing the lessons that have brought me freedom and inner peace. And the greatest lesson I have learned is that love and balance exist within all things. The truth is that everything is love. Every action, inaction, and interaction is love. Every reaction and discussion we have is love. Everything you do and is done to you or around you is love at work. Every source of support or challenge is an equal example of love. Every joy, inspiration, and feeling of caring is love. Every frustration and lesson to be learned is love. Every moment of patience is love, and every moment of impatience is an opportunity to turn inward and allow ourselves to feel the love that we may be denying or hiding from ourselves or others. Both light and darkness are sources of love in their unique forms. Good and bad, neither exist without the other and when we find, recognize, feel, embrace and embody the balance of the two, that is when we find the true meaning of love, that is when we become love. I am love, and everyone and everything around me is love. And when I see this, I can give love, the currency of the universe, the very fibers of what we are.

So, what exactly powers and fuels me, and most likely you? Love. And my mission is to help others see the love that already exists and permeates throughout our lives.

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