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Mothers As Teachers

Our mothers are our first and longest teachers. 

As young children, we watch and silently learn the ways of the world through our mother's actions and care. 

As we grow, we are guided by their instructions and taught innumerable lessons throughout our formative years. 

They continue to teach us as adults, offering advice and support as we step further into the world. 

And despite the pressure the world and society place on mothers to be the perfect caregivers, as well as to have a great career and hobbies and bodies and everything else it fallaciously expects from women, it's easy to forget that mothers are not superhuman (though they certainly are heroes). 

Once we realize that all mothers are human, also experiencing this life for the first time, we can love them more for their imperfections and quirks because accepting a person exactly as they are, not for who we wish them to be or expect them to be, we offer the greatest gift, the gift our mothers have given to us all along - unconditional love.

We can love them and give them the same grace they have always given their children. 

We can recognize that their imperfections have taught us just as much valuable lessons as their perfections. 

We can offer them and others the same patience and understanding.

We can grow our motherly instincts, something the world is so much better with. 

So, thank you, moms and motherly figures, for the light you shine into the world and the love you endlessly give. You are one of life's greatest teachers!

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