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What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You?

Our body is constantly giving us feedback, letting us know when we’re living in or out of alignment. And it is up to us to listen to these signs that arise as emotions, thoughts, or feelings. If they aren’t listened to, they can arise into physical manifestations of the body, causing “dis-ease” states, such as an illness, anxiety, or depression.

The past two months I had been kicking myself for not doing more, and getting frustrated that I was feeling tired. Instead of listening to my body telling me I needed rest and nourishment, I kept pushing, and I created even more resistance and frustration within myself. But as soon as I sat with the tiredness, and asked my body what it needed, the answer came to me. I thought to check my labs & I figured out my anemia was back. If I didn’t take that minute to sit with it, and ask my body what it needed, the answer wouldn’t have come to me, to check if I was anemic. However, most of our answers don’t need lab work or science, they simply need our attention. This is an example that if we don’t listen and care for ourselves, and if we ignore the signs long enough, we can create “dis-ease” patterns within our body.

So, what are your thoughts, emotions, aches, and pains trying to tell you? Instead of pushing through or punishing yourself for feeling them, find the counterbalance of softness within yourself, to ask what your body needs, to ask what your soul needs.

Have a beautiful day, love ❤️

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