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Let's talk about "healthy eating"

If you’re someone who thinks eating healthy is too restrictive, let’s talk!

Eating healthier has opened my life to so much more. Since I have made changes to my diet, and let go of the things that no longer serve me, I am

~ Trying new & exciting foods

~ Becoming more creative in the kitchen

~ Enjoying more natural options because my sense of taste is not thrown out of balance from artificial sweeteners and other chemicals

~ Letting go of cravings to sugar, caffeine, and other junk foods that use to have some control over me

~ Listening and becoming more in tune with my body’s needs

~ Feeling greater health-wise which has improved my mood and the way my body functions

~ Focusing less on how my body looks, and more on how my body feels, which is freeing and allows for more self love

~ Lastly, improving my own health!

We are what we eat. Food is medicine and disease often comes from our diet.

I love talking about wellness, because unlike health, it is always under our control! We can choose to make healthier choices which will in turn improve our health❤️

And thankfully, there are increasing options to food alternatives & it’s allowing for some creative and exciting new choices!

Here’s the recipe to this mighty fine “bread” alternative!

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