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January's Full Moon

Good morning. I hope you have been well! Did you notice the full moon last night? Or did you sense stronger feelings or emotions over the previous few days as the moon waxed? Or maybe you noticed nothing at all. A few research studies have disproved the belief that the moon has an effect on people. In a study from 2019, almost 20,000 patients who sought mental health care in the inpatient setting were chart reviewed, but the researchers found now no connection between hospital admissions, discharges, and the phases of the moon. But what if the moon's effects were more subtle? What if standardized research studies could never observe these elusive effects because they're too complex and nuanced to measure?

As I have become more attuned, I have noted that the full moon amplifies any existing conflict or entanglement I am currently experiencing. All of this helps encourage me to work through what is coming up. In a way, the moon magnifies emotions and illuminates the things that must be addressed in our lives. It can shine a light on the dark parts of ourselves we prefer to hide or ignore. But this light does not always call for action or change. It can simply ask for awareness and attention. Is there anything in your life that you feel has been coming up, asking for your attention?

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