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Harvest Moon

Perhaps you took notice of the beautiful and bright moon that was out last weekend. If so, you were looking at the harvest moon, the full moon that occurs just before the autumn equinox. The brilliant moonlight from this harvest moon is present for a few days in a row, and it, historically, aided farmers in harvesting their crops, often a large task that could not be accomplished in the daylight alone. This harvesting season was when farmers would take inventory of their crops, noting their yield and reflecting on the products of their hard work.

As the changing of weather helps to signify the changing of seasons, the harvest moon can be a reminder for reflection. This is a time to look back on your year and realize all you have accomplished. Whether it's small or big things, you have grown and changed, experienced challenges, found new strengths, and learned new things. Let the harvest moon remind you to take inventory of your life and what you have created and accomplished over the last year. Give yourself time and space to feel proud of yourself, to feel gratitude and love for all that you are. Let this time of self-reflection not only satisfy you and slow you down but also encourage you to turn inward.

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