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Happy New Year

As you looked over your social media feed this past week, you likely saw some highlight reels or exciting posts from friends, family, acquaintances, or even strangers. I hope you can share a smile for these beautiful moments and adventures that others had going on throughout the past year, and remember that their experiences do not subtract from your own. In fact, the more you share love and excitement for others, the more you invite the same into your own life.

So, remember that your life will always look different compared to others. You might look back on this past year and wonder whether or not you did enough or if your year was as exciting as it could be. When this little voice of comparison arises, kindly ask it to be quiet and remind it of all you experienced and learned this past year. Remind it not only of the beauty that came from your big adventures and the time you spent with loved ones but also of the growth and peace that came from the quiet times when life was not so exciting. Our lives should not only be measured by the big adventures we take but also by the small moments that occur while no one is looking, the progress we make without others' awareness, and the growth and lessons that cannot be so easily photographed.

By offering conscious awareness to the small moments in our day, we allow for more opportunities to pause, which can invite more lessons, messages, and meaning into our daily lives. So that even during the most boring or monotonous of times, we can continue to grow, opening our hearts and minds continuously throughout the year.

If you could do just one thing this year, or even just this day, be present for it all, in all its entirety. Be present for the good and the bad, the exciting and the dull. There is a beautiful meaning to be found within it all.

Happy New Year! Wishing you an abundance of health, wealth, and joy.

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