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Feeling The Love

Life is much more than the strict schedules and lists of to-dos we create. It is an experience, a beautiful opportunity for our souls to expand from our body, to feel and experience the Universe. Our goal in life should not be to get from point A to point B but to dive into every sensation and experience possible, embracing life's gentle, supportive, and playful flow. And yes, it is possible to do so while growing and moving toward our goals. We may sometimes create resistance in the flow, attempting to stop our growth and movement, but this creates discomfort and stress. At times, we may want to rush away from the situation, but this is when we must find the strength to endure and stay present because even at our most painful times, there is something to learn. It is good to create structure in our day, prioritize actions, and draw upon the Universe for guidance. All of this opens the door for our progress and growth. However, when we become so regimented and inflexible, trying to rush towards our goal, we fall out of flow, missing the beautiful opportunities and experiences that arise from being fully present. When we stay open to changes in our plans, choosing to look for the balance in each decision and staying mindfully aware (reflecting before reacting), we can tap into this stream, even diving deeply, at times, into the beautiful state of flow, of balance. This is where your soul shines; your inner light radiates; you let go of stress and worry and fall into faith. The question is, how often are you able to access it? Do stress and worry make you want to take control, creating resistance to your flow? Or can you allow life to unfold on its own accord, trusting the processes that no matter what, it all will work out for the best? Try loving exactly where you are at. No, "when I finish X, I'll be happy." No, "I can't wait to be done with X." No, "Is it almost the weekend?" In this very second, take a deep breath, step into your body, and feel love for this very moment. Breathe until you FEEL the love inside you. Every minute can feel this amazing if you let it.

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