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Feeling Emotions

We may not always understand our emotions, and that is okay.

Giving them time and space is the key to learning and growing from them. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotion is coming up.

Feeling emotions is different than analyzing or interpreting emotions or trying to use our brains to understand them.

Our souls are much simpler than our analytical minds, but facing our emotions can be challenging. Sitting with uncomfortable emotions can feel, well, uncomfortable. And the human mind naturally prefers to seek pleasure over pain, so everything within you may be fighting to sit with these emotions. That is natural and totally fine. But give yourself some reassurance. Remember that you will always be fine and that you will always have love from yourself and the Universe.

When the next difficult or uncomfortable emotion arises, sit with it.

Feel into it.

Drop into its darkness, deepness, or unknown.

What comes up? Tears, fears, worry, longing, heartache?

Allow it to come to the surface. Allow the emotions to transmute within you.

It will free you.

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