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Everything is right about you!

It’s easy to fall into a mindset that there are several things that need to be fixed or changed about ourselves before we can be complete. But the truth is, you are whole. You are complete. In fact, you were never not whole. And you do not have to wait until your life is “perfect” to feel perfectly fine.

This is your reminder that you are perfectly whole, just as you are, right in this moment. There is nothing wrong about you. You are a divine creation, nothing about you is an accident or unintentional. Every challenge that has come your way was meant to be. Every emotion that surfaces within you was intended to guide you back to your authenticity.

Say this out loud: “I am perfect and whole, just as I am. There is nothing wrong about me.” Now continue to say it to yourself until you feel it, until you believe it. Give yourself permission to be the perfectly whole person that you are.

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