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Earth Day

It's almost Earth Day - April 22nd. And while every day should be Earth Day, I love this day and wanted to share my thoughts on how I believe the Earth is for everyone.

As someone who enjoys their time in nature, I have come across many outdoor enthusiasts with different attitudes and perspectives on how the Earth should be appreciated and seen. Some are genuinely "down-to-earth," while others may hold a more rigid view on the matter.

I have met individuals with a love for extremist sports. These people may want to live on the wild side of nature, testing their physical and mental strength. They might have the latest gear or invest much of their time and money in outdoor activities. I've also met some amazingly grungy people who like getting down and dirty, trying to become one with nature. And I have met many individuals who enjoy a walk in the woods or on a well-paved trail. They may not base their identity around their love of nature, but they still feel love for it.

This Earth is filled with people who love hiking, biking, climbing, camping, hunting, fishing, gardening, farming, or sitting outside in their backyards. And not one person is more worthy of the outdoors than the other. Not one can say they are a better person than another or are doing life right or appreciating the Earth more. The Earth was not made solely for extremists or those claiming to love the Earth the most. The Earth is for everyone. Nature is our home. We come from it, and though we may leave it occasionally, nature will always welcome us back; however, we choose to indulge in it.

And while it's good to know yourself and the people, you like to be around. It is also important to be inclusive. Welcoming newcomers to whatever outdoor recreation you engage in can not only brighten someone's day and add meaning to their life, but it can also add another ally for the Earth. And we need as many of those as possible. So introduce your friends and acquaintances to the outdoor activities you love and enjoy, or be friendly to newcomers you see outside, still getting the hang of things. Life is good when we're all outdoors, moving our bodies for pleasure and connecting with nature.

So, enjoy this Earth. Love it while you can. Make every day Earth Day. If you can only do one thing today to better the planet, do that one thing. And for the love of all things good, please stop using single-use plastics.

Peace and Love!

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