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Choices, choices, choices. Thinking, and then overthinking. Today's world has thousands of options and choices to make on a daily basis. As a natural overthinker, I have spent more time weighing my options than I would like to admit in attempts to make what I thought could be the best decision possible. I also hoped to pick the options with the least regret or pain. But this overthinking can be exhausting, and I often put off making decisions entirely or try to choose every option and somehow do a million things at once. But indecision kills, and spreading yourself too thin drains your energy.

But what if there was no right or wrong decision? There just was the next decision. And after that, there would be another and another to make.

And so what if you recognized that even past mistakes were on the way, not in the way? And what if you remembered that anything was possible? That you contain the seed and the soil to create any dream you might have.

So, rather than spreading yourself too thin and making everything work or slowly leaching your energy by not committing to any decision, what if you focused on just the one next step ahead of you? Whatever the best one feels to you. Listen to where your heart guides you. Even if it doesn't work out exactly as anticipated, you can still be grateful for where the journey took you and the lessons learned along the way. It's about enjoying the journey without attachment to the outcome. Grounded, decisive, but still free-flowing and without expectations. This is where the magic happens.

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