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Changing our perspective on productivity

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

And so, what if I measured my days, not in terms of productivity, but instead in how present I was? So that when I looked back at the end of my day, my satisfaction was not based on how much I accomplished, but rather on how much I loved, felt gratitude, learned, and stayed present with both joy and discomfort. Whether or not I let myself have fun, if I was kind to others, or if I took care of myself by moving my body, eating healthy foods, practicing what I love, or allowing myself to tap into my heart space during meditation. Whether or not I took the time to feel the earth and wind on my skin or if I gave myself a chance to rest and fill my soul with inspiration and creativity. What if we measured our days in these perhaps less “productive” ways? What would the byproduct be?

Yes, accomplishing things and being productive is important, but if we view the society we will in today, which is focused mainly on staying busy, are we truly satisfied? Are we living our best lives? So, when you go to work

today or if you’re enjoying your day off, what can you do to shift your perspective, to stay more present?

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