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A Peaceful World

What if there existed the most peaceful of worlds? A world where nothing felt rushed or strapped for time. A world where everything happened just as it should. A world where anxiety or sadness did not have to lay hold over your day. A world where there was always a balance, and within that balance stemmed love and joy.

Well, that world does exist, and you are currently living in it. Right here, right now, this very moment contains the peace you are searching for. How do you get to it? You stop letting your mind control your life, and you begin living from your heart. You quit subconsciously labeling things only good or only bad. You decide to see the balance that exists in all things. You understand that everything that happens is not done to you but instead done for you and your growth. It is not possible to live a life without experiencing emotions or to never feel pain or pleasure. But it is possible to live a life where you remain a constant in an ever-changing and variable world. And this life exists, in this very moment, waiting for your to experience it. It just takes a little time and bravery to learn to listen to your heart, calm your mind, and feel gratitude for the balance that is always at play.

I am here for you. The Universe is, too.

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