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A Loving Meditation

What makes a great gift? Is it the amount of money spent on it? Is it the amount of effort put into creating it? Is it the time spent thinking of the right thing? Is it the thoughtfulness or the usefulness of the gift? Or is it the intention behind it?

We may often find ourselves bogged down with stress or anxiety over trying to determine the right thing to get our loved ones or friends. Or we may fret over the price tag of items we wish to purchase but feel we cannot. Well, look no further because I know of something that is always free and never in limited stock.

In addition to our family and close friends, there are probably many people in your life that you appreciate and care for. Such as acquaintances, co-workers, old classmates, or distant relatives. Many of whom we will not send a tangible gift. But we can send something more valuable.

Whether you prefer to think it, meditate on it, or say it in prayer, here are some words to help you feel and share one of the most amazing gifts you can give this season - Your love.


As I breathe in and out, I feel the warmth of the air around me, filling my lungs with energy and light.

With each breath in, I let my body relax. Starting from my toes, working my way to my head, with each breath in, I send new energy to my body.

I allow a smile to cross my face. (Actually, allow yourself to smile:) Taking note of any sensations, feelings, or emotions that follow this smile.

Continuing to breathe, in and out, I quiet my mind and allow my focus to shift to my heart space.

I imagine a beautiful pink glowing light in my chest. I feel it moving and pulsating with each breath. The light radiates out into all directions, becoming expansive and even more beautiful.

I allow this love to grow within me. Feeling it as it fills the room.

Closing my eyes, I imagine the names and faces of all the people in my life. My parents, siblings, relatives, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, clients, strangers, old friends, and new ones. These are the people that both support and challenge me. The ones who have helped me grow and the ones who have taught me lessons. The ones who have made me laugh and also cry. The ones who have taught me about patience and grace.

Taking this time today, I send my never-ending love and gratitude to the people in my life. For they make my life rich, expansive, and beautiful.


So, when material items are available in overwhelming quantities, and we often feel like we're drowning in "stuff," consider sending the reusable gift of love. Whether through kind thoughts, a loving meditation, or warm prayer, the person you are thinking of may or may not notice it, but you will, and so will the Universe.

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