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A Curious Life

Are you feeling dull? Have you been looking for something to bring more excitement to your life or add a little pizzazz to your day?

Look no further than conjuring up the simplicity of curiosity.

Now, in my adult life, I have sometimes felt intimidated by individuals full of passion, especially those with one big, significant, soul-driven, life-purposed, all-consuming passion. You know, the people who make it their life's work to focus on one crucial thing and make such a significant impact in their field become distinguished pioneers or celebrities. They might even share their life's work in a TED talk or their New York Times best-selling memoir. When I listen to or read about these people, I often shed a few tears because I find it so inspiring that a person can pour themselves into a soul pursuit with such outstanding commitment.

I love many things in life but have not yet found my one soul-purposed passion to pour myself into entirely. Because of my many interests and lack of total commitment to one specific thing, I have wondered if I am just a flaky person or easily distracted and enticed by new ideas.

Perhaps. But I have difficulty believing there isn't some magic to having diverse interests and passions. After all, each of these interests is born out of curiosity and inquisitiveness. A life full of discovery certainly has merit. This universe is a mystical, unique, diverse place meant to be explored and enjoyed in all ways. How could one be bored in a world as beautiful as this? And equally, how could one live a full life without embracing the variety that life contains? How could one commit to just one facet of life, living for just one thing?

If you're someone like me who has once felt down about not having one soul purpose in life, you can find reassurance that even having just a few things you enjoy and care about is a beautiful blessing. Even the few individuals who dedicate their lives to one thing have different avenues of approaching their interests. Otherwise, life would get boring after day-in and day-out monotony. Take Oprah for example. She may have started with just one passion or goal, but she has diversified her interests since making it big. She didn't stop at being a news reporter or having a talk show. She went on to broaden herself by creating a television network and even a magazine covering many topics. I imagine she has a true passion for connecting with others, story-telling, and being a leader, which underlies her different projects and allows her to keep her life broad and diverse.

I believe it is natural and healthy to have several passions and hobbies. And if you feel you're someone who lacks any in life, start with the simple question, "What am I curious about?" Even in just the slightest. What are you interested in? This interest needn't be large or grand. It could barely have a palpable pulse to it. But follow that little inkling of curiosity and see where it takes you! Have you wanted to try gardening, hiking, bird watching? No matter how silly, mundane, or small. Trust in your fascination. Openly welcome each tiny clue that comes from inquisitiveness. Follow your curiosities, and you will be amazed at the magic they bring to your life! When my creativity runs low, the more I search for something to write about, the further I get from having a topic. But when I step away, ask myself what I am curious about, and follow that trail wherever it may lead, I tap into the deep well of inspiration that is always overflowing with intriguing ideas. Curiosity is the force that brings excitement into our lives and turns the mundane into magical.

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