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A Clean Space

Imagine walking through your home, and everything is in its place. The countertops are clear, and you can walk freely through the room without tripping on clutter. You've mindfully taken the time to clean up after yourself and organize your belongings, so getting ready for work or preparing to leave your home for the day is a breeze. Sounds lovely, right? That's because having a clean and organized living space truly is good for the mind and spirit.

Whether you'd prefer to view it in energetic ways or in more logical and cerebral terms, living in an uncluttered space has several benefits. In feng shui, clutter is considered a cause of stagnant chi, or blocked energy. In practical terms, a messy room can cause overstimulation as the brain tries to process what's happening around it. So, whether you believe in feng shui, which teaches that an organized home aligns vital energy in your life and brings good fortune, or you simply appreciate having a clean space, having an organized home can decrease stress. And taking things one step further, keeping your house and living spaces clean doesn't have to be an undesirable chore. When taking the time to pick up with intention and mindfulness, cleaning, organizing, and getting rid of clutter can be both therapeutic and aesthetically pleasing.

I prefer to clean things up as I go and put stuff away after I finish. However, busy schedules can get in the way of this. So, I often take time before bed to unpack my work bag, clean up the kitchen, and organize my spaces. I like to dim the lights, move slowly, and play relaxing music to end my day peacefully, preparing for the next.

So, do you have some areas of your home that could use your mindful attention in cleaning up? Could you use a nightly routine to make your mornings or work-from-home days feel less stressful?

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