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Letting Gratitude Wash Over You

Just like any emotion can wash over you, so can gratitude.

Our minds may think we are great multitaskers, but in reality, when it comes to emotions we cannot truly feel deep into two emotions at the same time.

So you cannot be anxious and grateful, or angry and grateful, or upset and grateful.

And thankfully, our minds can be easily redirected with some deep breathing & gentle reminders of everything that is truly going right in our lives.

So look to the face of a stranger and see the complex beauty in them and their unknown journey. Gaze at the tree blowing gently in the wind as it has learned to photosynthesize our waste into clean beautiful air. Watch the birds as they float in the same breeze, knowing nothing else than to simply be present.

There is beauty in everything, always. We only must learn to be present for it. Turn your heart towards gratitude, and turn your mind off.

Let gratitude flood your being with love and balance.

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