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Don’t think, just do.

The answers don’t lie in your head.

As cheesy as it may sound, they lie in your heart space. If we listen to our intuition, then the answers will naturally come to us.

No force, no push.


I’m someone who, for several years, wanted to have a logical explanation for everything. The answers must come from my mind through thinking, reasoning, & experiential knowledge. But I didn’t realize that all of this time spent in my head, rather than in my heart space, was the the source of my unhappiness…

I thought if there was a problem, I needed to come up with a logical explanation for why I was given the problem, and then I would try to THINK my way out of it, rather than FEEL my way through it.

Our intuition is our free internal compass that can give us any answer we need. But it only works if we ask, and then take the time to listen.

Had I listened to my intuition sooner, I could have avoided a few extra, and sometimes painful, steps along the way…

Some people need strong emotions or difficult situations to wake up from their intuitive ignorance… Some people need disasters or an illness to awaken them… Some people, even despite the issues and illnesses in their lives, continue to ignore their intuition….

How do you want to live? In alignment with your authentic self, or stumbling painfully through life?

I know which serves me! I’m spending less time in my head, more time in my heart space. Not thinking, just doing!

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